Mar 192012

The Yendaakye microcredit and business support project is now working with the women of Kwahu-Tafo, near Lake Volta in Ghana. Yendaakye Kwahu-Tafo is run by Felicia Asabea who meets with Tafo women every week to help them start their businesses and manage their loan repayments. The project was started in October 2010 and is run through a partnership between Ashanti Development, The Tafo Development Council, Friends of Tafo and Machair. Isebail MacKinnon lived in Tafo for 3 weeks to develop the project and train Felicia to be the microcredit worker. Thanks go to Humphrey Barclay who documented the start of the project – you can watch his short film on Vimeo at this link: Kwahu-Tafo Yendaakye Microcredit Project

 March 19, 2012
Apr 072011

The microcredit project in Tafo is going well, despite poor Felicia being unwell for several weeks. We are just about to get the first reports through on the loans that have been made, businesses started and loan repayments made. In Tafo now the holiday season is coming – Easter is the time to go to Tafo I have been told – for parties and paragliding!!? And with lots of visitors then there is the chance to do lots of business so I am sure the Yendaakye Tafo women will be getting ready for this …..

Two pictures of Tafo businesses. The first business is selling at St Jospeh Technical Institute. They used to offer only iced water, but now successfully sell bananas and groundnuts as well.

The second business, stationed at the near the roundabout, has been able to expand her range of vegetables and other commodities, and is doing very well.

 April 7, 2011
Feb 162011

just back from visiting Kashare Tuhwerane microcredit project in South West Uganda. I set up this project in July 2010 for Kanaama Interactive. Cycle 1 is well under way with 30 women working on their businesses and creating income to pay school fees, instal rainwater harvesting tubs and buy cows. With the 2 local staff, Doreen and Nightingale, I worked to start Cycle 2, bringing training and microloans to 30 more women in Kashare.

 February 16, 2011