Apr 072011

The microcredit project in Tafo is going well, despite poor Felicia being unwell for several weeks. We are just about to get the first reports through on the loans that have been made, businesses started and loan repayments made. In Tafo now the holiday season is coming – Easter is the time to go to Tafo I have been told – for parties and paragliding!!? And with lots of visitors then there is the chance to do lots of business so I am sure the Yendaakye Tafo women will be getting ready for this …..

Two pictures of Tafo businesses. The first business is selling at St Jospeh Technical Institute. They used to offer only iced water, but now successfully sell bananas and groundnuts as well.

The second business, stationed at the near the roundabout, has been able to expand her range of vegetables and other commodities, and is doing very well.

 April 7, 2011

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